I think Valheim finished off my PC.

All of my PC parts are under two years old aside from my GPU, which is probably closer to 3 and a 1/2. I ended up buying Valheim this week because it seemed cool, and downloaded it instantly. I made sure to update my drivers and all that jazz, and launched it. Now, keep in mind before this, the only game to ever crash my PC was cyberpunk while disassembling items, but that game is busted.

Everything was going great, I got started and progressed pretty well. I beat the first boss and was making my way back to my little village and was about to repair a tree damaged house when the game suddenly crashed when I pulled out my hammer. This crash was fine, it just said Valheim stopped working, blah blah, so I rebooted. Lost a bit of progress but no biggie. Stomped the first boss no problem, and on my way back to my base the second time the moment I got within a few feet of the ground I had leveled my entire pc froze. The stream on my second monitor froze and went silent. I waited a couple minutes, no response, so I turned off my pc. I had this happen only once before, cyberpunk. I was worried because when that happened on cyberpunk it caused boot exception issues but I can fix that. Anyway, so I repaired my boot issues, and got my pc up and running again, but now, every couple of hours my pc will freeze like that even when I'm not playing Valheim, when I'm playing ANY game or watching YouTube or twitch. Even counterstrike crashed, and I've NEVER had counterstrike crash, it's the least hardware intensive game I play.

I'm gonna have to cycle through my pc parts to find the culprit but something absolutely is wrong with my PC now. I'm making this post to share my experience, I've got zero Dev experience and can offer no advice to the devs at all. I'm just disappointed this happened, but there's a non-zero chance my PC was bound to have this happen eventually, and maybe Valheim was the straw that broke the camel's back. Good luck playing this game, I'd have loved to play it more, but I never even made it into the black forest. It's a shame too, I really enjoyed my short time playing, but now I've got some expensive replacements coming up I imagine. Let's pray it's not my GPU.

Hardware list:

Zotax GTX 1080 AMP!
MSI Z390-A Pro
i9 9600k
Idk what the RAM is but it's new and so is the SSD.
Liquid cooling system for the CPU
While writing this I just now remembered I have my original power supply unit when I built it back in 2015, so it's probably that that is dying. Sad.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mjgy70/i_think_valheim_finished_off_my_pc/

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