I thought I’d be free of leeches in Twine, but man, some people are hopeless.

Anyone else run into a large number of players that avoid contributing at ALL to the objective in higher end Twine?

Figured I'd run some public Radars in mid-high Twine, do a quick 5, maybe have ~15 minutes for everyone to resource, you know, the ideal scenario. But every other match someone matches and can't be bothered to build a single tower.

Now I really don't care about a fourth skipping a tower, it's whatever. I usually solo five in private anyway, but when it's me and one other person and they spend the ENTIRE match farming, THAT's when I get annoyed. In that case, I'll do the three and leave the other two up to them (I leave one small build to be fair). But holy hell, it's been one after the other with these players lately.

Rant/Story ahead

But for example, last guy I ran into not only refused to help with a single tower, but brought an entire large encampment sized hoard to the last tower I had to build and took off. I usually don't call someone out for shitty behavior, but I felt obligated to this time.

So when I called him out for joining a BtR and not placing a single build down, (I had done the first three, ~5 minutes left) he instead whined that he was here to farm mats and didn't want to waste time building. When I tried to inform him that "Hey, you get mats back for building" (plus end of mission rewards/bonus rare resources) they respond with a "BRUH I HAVE 20K CRAFTING MATS LMAO". (sadly not a hyperbole/strawman)

Great! Why are you so hard up on regular mats that you cant build for two minutes and contribute to the objective in this cooperative game? Cherry on top was demanding I give them mats if I want them to build.


If this were a rare case I wouldn't even be making a post like this, but goddamn I've never played a cooperative game where you load into a public lobby and it feels like a coin flip on whether or not you'll get actual teammates or selfish players that only think about themselves. It's sad too, because I'm sure there are other helpful players that stick to private lobbies for similar reasons, thus perpetuating the problem.

As far as solutions go? My best idea would be for more players to go public, but that feels like a tall order.

Now in regards to actually dealing with leeches? It'd be nice if there was a way for Epic to gauge match participation on a per mode basis. Have minimum point thresholds players are expected to meet that are relevant to the game mode. They would need to be low enough to be reasonable for the average player to hit without feeling pressured, but high enough that leeches can't ignore it.


  • Build the Radar would require somewhere between 500-1000 personally earned building points to be eligible for the end of mission chest + alert.

  • Encampments would require the same, but combat score

  • Standard defense missions would be a combo of build and combat points, maybe reach ~750 combined to be eligible.

Anyways, it ultimately feels like I'm shouting into the void, but hey if you read this far I appreciate it, and it was nice getting that off my chest. If anyone else has any ideas please feel free to post 'em below. I'm just gonna go back to ignoring leeches and helping everyone else out.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/sndzki/i_thought_id_be_free_of_leeches_in_twine_but_man/

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