If Apex is this slow at launch, whats even the point of it? It needs to be quicker, if not why will anyone ever use Apex

Apex needs to be quicker, I get that we can use our ships and this is just a phase one thing but hear me out, if we can use ships….. why will anyone ever use Apex. People who want to play the "on foot only" style will just get sidewinders as at least then they will have something to do.

I feel like maybe it should work as sort of a fast travel thing where after you leave a station it fades out, loading screen, then fades into dropping just outside a planet. Sure, it'll break "immersion" but so does dying on planet then reloading back at a station.

Have the option to skip the travel be optional or maybe an extra credit cost for "express shuttle", I dunno, but otherwise there will be literally no one who uses it. Why would they.

At the very least make supercruise a lot faster.

If Apex became a mode of transport around a system that was actually quicker than a player owned ship, then people would consider using it as a gameplay option. It would encourage more Odyssey gameplay. Else I worry this will end up being another unused gameplay element.

I am very excited for the Odyssey and in no way dissing it, feedback is what aphas are for. As someone how didn’t even really care when it was announced as I’m just more a space trucker, I think it looks great. Good job so far devs!

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