If you have a 3080 and are getting tons of stutters

I upgraded from a 1080 to a 3080 and have been experiencing stutters in tarkov ever since. I have tried every single thing imaginable from clean installing drivers to clean installing windows and everything in between.

Yesterday I ended up seeing a few obscure posts when researching stutter fixes for the 3080 in general rather than directly related to tarkov, and gave them a shot. This is what I tried.

  1. Uninstall nvidia hd audio drivers
  2. Clean install the studio ready drivers rather than the game ready drivers
  3. Uninstall all software related to hardware monitoring, (afterburner, hdwinfom, precision x1, icue).

I am not sure which of these or which combination of these worked for me as I did them all at once, but my stutters seems to have gone pretty much totally away. Hopefully this helps someone out there as I myself have been searching for months for something that would fix mine as it made the game almost unplayable.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kfl179/if_you_have_a_3080_and_are_getting_tons_of/

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