Illegal passengers!

Was doing nicely passengers transport/sightseeing missions, trying to make some quick credits. Then I noticed, after un- docking that, I have picked up some illegal passengers. And the passengers were illegal at the same station/system from where I got the mission! I hardly went out of station and all the security vessels were on me. Somehow, I escaped and warped out with 38% hull.

As soon as I reached another system, the passengers were unhappy and wanted to get out. They were asking me to dock somewhere. But guess what, damn those criminals were illegal there as well 🤣. I didn't wanted to dock there, love my ship more than the mission 😂. Then they started complaining that if I don't dock, they will eject. I said go f** off and leave my ship😅. Quite a ride!!

My question here: isn't it visible at the mission board, that the passengers will be illegal? I normally read the entire mission before taking..Not sure if I missed it..


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