Im absolutely done with this game until they fix their shit.

So a little story of my experiences in my last 3 months of tarkov

I am level 44 and have 59 mil so money is absolutely no problem but when I see my friends die over and over again just for me to die to a guy I see while the screen is blacking out.

The desync is absolutely horrible and I call absolute bullshit when they say they waste 50,000 USD ever month just on servers.

The community is absolutely going batshit crazy about desync and what do we get?Weapon models…

The devs are horribly out of touch and they go their own fucking way not the way of the community which would mean happiness for both sides.

The shotgun , The grenade launchers they are all super duper imbalanced where the hell is the testing before release?What the fuck is 45 second blindness duration.

I taught all of my friends call outs on reserve woods customs and interchange.We all love hardcore games like this and all of think this game has so much potential but its getting wasted by every line of code they write that further breaks the game.We cant even hear shit now that's how bad it's gone.

Oh and if that wasnt enought the servers can decide to say FUCK YOU and just put you in to server with 200/240 ping just for you to fucking die as soon as you disconnect.

Why would you not give people their items back if they due to a ping kick or atleast give them some advantage because they literally cant do anything.For the love of god I play on my own servers and never have above 100 ping and then it decides to go and shit itself.

I can go on for another 500 pages but Im tired and I am just mad this was a very little bit of my experience.


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