I’m asked every now and then by randoms in br/some friends about why I refuse to play stw. This is why

There's 3 main things that make me just refuse to play

Nothing to farm for/no new content: I am pl 130. I have most of the event items in the game. If I am going to play, I at least want something to grind for. Vbucks don't count, I'd rather spend like $10 to get a cosmetic than play stw, and i almost refuse to spend money on in-game cosmetics. I log into stw every now and then when I play br to collect a daily, but I haven't touched a mission in months besides a single hit the road mission, which leads me to my next point.

BUGS: After years in development, I had encountered multiple bugs in almost every game for the last year. Not being able to build, not being able to pick up weapons, my weapons blanking/doing no damage (primarily with bows, what a surprise), and a whole 100 page list of other bugs. In the single hit the road mission I played, I encountered so many bugs I was going to close the game, except the game crashed while I tried to close it. If I could go literally 1 mission w/out a bug, I'd be astonished.

Nobody to play with: Nobody does high lvl missions anymore in pubs. They're unrewarding 99% of the time, and whenever I do find a random group it's a fucking afk group. FUCK afk players in pubs. I get it, some of these modifiers are fucking horrendous, but I'd rather play the game with the modifiers than waste my time that I could enjoy elsewhere. And when I complain in chat I get bitched at, because I should "take the free loot & go farm somewhere." I have 0 motivation to farm anything. It's the most boring shit ever to me after I already did it for years for hours and hours on end.

If I ever play again it's if the fight the horde (i think it was called) mode releases again. It was a mode years and years ago back in like c1s5, which was around when I started playing. I'd love to play it again, it was insanely fun & interesting. But the dev team is in shreds now. Theres like 2 people working on the game, and no shot stw can pull a splitgate situation.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/orw9m1/im_asked_every_now_and_then_by_randoms_in_brsome/

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