I’m worried for end game

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

Hearth and home looks great. I like many of you am so excited to re-engage with the world, set out on a new adventure and busy myself foraging, and hunting, and building for unadulterated therapy at the end of each long day.

But in the current version, i reached the plains, and the last boss, and recognized that the 'meaningful' sense of constant purpose and direction was petering out, and all of the building, and foraging, and cooking and everything else started to make less sense in my mind, as it became preparation, and progression toward…nothing.

I'm excited for this update, im going to play it to fruition and enjoy each moment, but i cant say i dont have just a small amount of anxiety that i might hit that wall again, and knowing that the next progression based content patch is so far away, i dont want to play for 2 weeks then log out in anticipation of more to do, i want to be engaged and encouraged to hang around in the beautiful world for as long as possible, to look toward ever higher mountains.

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