IMO The big points’ uninteractive plays are the main problem right now. Do you agree?

gerald witcher3 gwent

I just want to discuss the cards that gives the players the ability to make huge point plays in one turn, without any chance for opponent to disrupt it. Essentially I’m talking about Eist, Eldain, Tunnel drill/Cleaver, but I could have missed something else as well.

Like, this cards just instantly play for too many points. Sure, there is some setup required for the combo to work. But apart from denying bloodthurst 2 for Eist, the setup for other cards is also uninteractive (traps for Eldain, and money pockets for Cleaver). So you just sit there and watch.

Of cousre, it is always satisfying to pull of combos in the game. And it is a great thing even sometimes to watch your opponent doing it. But these new cards, it seems that they create a powerful combos out of nowhere. And it makes me feel that game becomes more reliable on what cards you have in hand, rather than your skill in trying to setup a combo.

But what do you think? Am I just too whiny, because I’ve played too many games against Lined pockets and Blaze of glory, or there is some realistic points here?


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