Is CDPR serious about boosting Syndicate? (And other rants)

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That's it. Oh, and yes, this is a rant. I am never ever gonna play against anyone playing Syndicate anymore. I don't care, if anyone cares, but this is a mere joke anymore now. This faction was busted as hell before and the latest patch featured not a single nerf but only boosts. It is absolutely impossible to win against this faction using several decks. My last straw was stacking up as many destruction cards as I could with my ST Nature's gift deck and it still was absolutely impossible to win this game. I know that everyone's talking about NG being OP and yadda yadda, but honestly I have never seen a faction as busted as Syndicate. I've got my fair share of wins against any faction but Sy, I tried every single strategy I could think of and it very rarely worked out, because the coin mechanic is so ridiculously overpowered.

And also there is another problem that I've got with the view of people on this game, as I am on my rant, I can just go on with this too:

Everyone's always saying "Uhm, if you encounter x just play with y and your problems should go away" Yeah, well dude, but I am complaining about this mechanic being uncounterable in the match I've just played. This advice doesn't change that the matchup before was unwinnable. And I will never have any guarantee to meet this deck again while playing the right version of deck able to counter the abilities that annoyed me. Why does everyone on this sub pretend as if you could play tactically, as if match-ups weren't completely random? I am a 100% sure that you could play any deck, as well balanced as it might be and still have encounters where you would lose the game regardless of how good a player you are. It's just super frustrating at times. There are people wasting their Korathi Heatwave on 3 power bronze cards and still win by a landslide just because Sy and NG are so broken.

A year ago someone in this sub asked "If you reached your goal of getting NG nerfed to hell and beck, will you turn to the next UnFAiR FaCTiOn that you cry about?" Well that would be an interesting question IF Nilfgaard or Syndicate would have ever been nerfed in the last 12 months in a way that they weren't completely OP and overused by 60% of the players in this game anymore.

I can't be the only one seeing it this way, can I?

Sorry for the long rant 😀


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