Loba Teleport Tactical Needs A Huge Buff, it is so useless right now!

Another season another underpowered legend. Loba's tactical ability is just useless beautiful animation. Want to reposition? The enemies see your path and can easily sprint towards your teleport point and catch up with you. You are locked for more than 2 seconds considering both throwing and after teleport animation. The only use for loba is now to gain height, I seriously was not expecting her tactical to be this useless. I gotta admit it looks so satisfying tho. Here is how to fix tho:

  • Loba should be able to sprint while throwing her bracelet and after teleport OR shorten the animations on throw and after teleport to 0.5 second each.
  • Needs more verticality – She can't even make it into the middle section of cage lol. Throwing a bracelet and waiting to teleport above is nearly the same as climbing above considering the long throwing, recovery animations.
  • Should have more horizontal distance too. Right now you can't use her to quickly escape in situations, enemies can easily chase you. It should be a get me out of jail card.

Well, I don't know what to say. Each season they do this. Hype a legend and release a underpowered one. I gotta say her ulti and passive is good tho. They almost nailed the legend this season.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gjxdyo/loba_teleport_tactical_needs_a_huge_buff_it_is_so/

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