Is guck the most rare resource in the game?

For nearly any resource in the game, there seems plentiful an amount to play for a considerable time (several months irl) on one map/world (ie you could make hundreds of ships and still have resources for more, berries and shrooms respawn, you could make hundreds of towns, etc). But for guck, a tree with guck sacs seems so few and far between even in larger swamp areas, and thus a few encampments with several tens of green torches will run out of guck fuel in a matter of months (real life, assuming some kind of daily or several times a week gameplay). Is this supposed to be this way? That we can have a cool town with green lighting, but only for a little while, then we must start an entirely new map?

Edit: guys you don't have to downvoted this because of an opinion (guck being the the most scare resource). But you should up vote it so we can get more attention on this and get some tweaks, making the game better for all of us vikings! Odin watch over all of you!


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