Is Reserve a weaker map now?

I've been playing for a few wipes now, and I remember Reserve being godlike in terms of loot.

Now, I feel like its pretty average, if not on the weaker end for how difficult the map can be.

Black Pawn is still good for the drop down room, but the loose loot was heavily nerfed there.

King can be good, but you have to be quick to it, and even then theres no guarantee it will actually have that much loot.

The other dorms have good loot, but they're locked behind locks.

Underground/D 12 is pretty good.

The hermetic door underground can be good, but you're kind of mercy at the RNG gods on whats in the technical crates, even though there aren't that many.

The marked rooms are pretty terrible in my experience as of this wipe.

So, all things considered, there is pretty good loot on the map. But, when you consider that the most difficult boss and his minions are on the map, and that it has the most difficult extracts, it makes you start to question if its actually worth it.

Especially when you consider something like Interchange where there are a fuck load of tech stores with potential Tetriz and GPU spots, the medical supply stores with LEDX, or the building materials along the back that go for a pretty penny.


Is Reserve still good, or has it been nerfed pretty substancially?


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