Is the game dying? No its not. If you think it’s dying, then just leave silently without saying it out loud.

the witcher and ciri gwent

A lot of players seem to forget that the game can go through bad or good times, they think the moment it reach bad times, then it means the end.

A lot of games go through bad sh*t and then stabilize and become better after a while.

Also a lot of people think that the moment they stop enjoying the game, then it's a dead end for them. (Just take a break, and come back after a few months….)

Instead of making posts about how it's trash now, which is not true.

The game is in a much better state than few months ago, and it's getting better viewing on twich (3.4k to 4k viewers daily), i know that is not an indicator of a success, but at the same time, means that there's good fan base, and ultimate future potential AKA Golden nekker.

Just stay optimistic till the very end. The game is good and fun.


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