What’s with all the powercreep and control running around?

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Like what happened? Almost every list I'm Q'ing up against is either some MO Relict pointslamfest or some SY bounty whack-a-mole that completely denies me of playing almost anything. I mean, is there anything I can do against these? I understand that it's a competitive game but since the patch got released, all I'm unironically playing up against is SY and MO.

Rarely, I played against ST's spellfest and I felt the powercreep really hard. But I'm not sure what's going on? Like, I can't even compete to R2 against these, I'm just either being blown up by countless pings or I'm being left behind by the gigantic, enormous difference of points that I'm facing, while also having equal numbers of cards.

Holy moly, that's not a fun meta I guess….like at all. Is it like ''If you can't beat them, join them'' ? Am I supposed to play these lists as well (despite not wanting to) ? I mean, I get it (I think). It's a competitive card game and some lists will always rise to the top. I guess that's fine? But literally all I'm seeing are 2 factions LUL, maybe 3 if you count a couple of matchups I had against ST.

Overall, imo this is a very unfun patch. Not because of the concepts (Relicts, spells, bounties), but because of how potent they became. I hope that in the next patch, things will be different (for the better ofc) .

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