Just a word to all the people who keep critizising BSG and EFT in a harsh tone and all the people who are supporting it in anyway, regardless how much they f*ck up

Dear PMCs, Scavs and vendors,

People tend to forget that EFT isn't the main project of BSG, it's just there for building a foundation for a game called Russia 2028 and collecting the budget as well. EFT is in it's Beta and will remain in that state until all the game's main concepts have been covered and enough money has been gathered to continue the production of their life project.

Their team is kind of understaffed, regarding their ideal picture of how well-made the game should be and how much quality content it should get. Players do also have pretty high demands and keep comparing it to massive projects from companies like EA or Ubisoft. BSG has around ~80 people, working on this huge chunk of a game and, thinking about their future ideas and ambitions, it is actually insane that these people keep working so intensively on this game. This is what many people appreciate about the developers of EFT and Nikita who is of course the founder of this whole project and idea. I should also mention that, regarding community management and communication, it is kind of special that the head developer is in such close contact with his customers and listening to them and eventually making a list of features to be added from players who love the game (example to prove the opposite: EA and Dice). Things will eventually get added and, by the fact that this project is this gigantic, patches and updates come in a regular basis. The game isn't perfect nevertheless, although it's playable at many times. We all knew what was coming up when buying the game and people who keep claiming how broken this game is, should have researched the concept of publishing games in an Alpha or Beta stage. When you see a bug, report it, BSG will probably fix it in the next patch. More and more testing programs are coming up and so on…

This doesn't mean that, so called "simping" (I hate this term but I use it because people keep adressing it), is good either. Be critical, especially on a game that isn't finished and has it's flaws. We all want it to be great and want to help the devs by reporting errors, this is the reason why we get our hands on that game such early on. Things I hate to see are people that keep complaining about bugs or other issues but don't really describe the error or finding out what caused it and suggesting solutions that could really work out.

People should just recognize and acknowledge the reason why EFT exists and help it's developers by posing constructive critizism. Calling the devs immature, childish and the like is foolish because we're talking about a game that is supposed to be fun and it is really helping that the devs are having fun, working on this project. It is actually very laudable that the team from Battlestate Games has such a strong connection to all of the players. Nikita is checking and reading feedback on Twitter and Reddit quite frequently and working through day and night to make his dream come true.

Thanks for reading this and remember what I've said.

This is meant to be some kind of answer to a post made by u/spamzzz who called out people critizising the game in a bad way. I just didn't like his way to argument as he had a similar tone as the people who were critizing the game immaturely. Hope this one is better. 🙂

P.S: this is neither to defend BSG or the people who are being rude. I just want to point out some certain things and share my opinion about the overall picture.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ncaq2z/just_a_word_to_all_the_people_who_keep/

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