LEDX update. 96 raids later.

96 raids and two weeks later I finally found it. Through the countless raids, and the 330303993 people that kept saying “ dude just get insert popular key name here And be the first one there” Like I wasn’t already hitting those rooms and trying to be the first one there?
Through the millions of people, understandably, saying to just craft one That didn’t understand the pain and the sheer principle behind the fact that I had to find it myself.
And even through raid number 80 when sanitar was The last room I hit 38 minutes into the raid and I finally found one only to walk outside and die to a player in a bush Who I can only assume had been sitting there just waiting on somebody to come out And judging by the fact there was only seven minutes left in the raid I’m guessing he was just going to stick with it to the end.

For people who would like to know the numbers
98 raids
Died 28 times
Checked at least sanitars/226 or 301 every raid before dying.
Found 2 Ledx.

*Most raids were night, I rarely ran into more than one or two players. I was actually very surprised that I consistently had terrible spine but I usually got to check at least one but most of the ham two of the very popular rooms before either died or found out somebody beat me to the rest of them.
Or anybody wondering why I didn’t realistically just craft it, it started out as me having just enough money to post the thick case once I complete the quest but then it just became a personal mission. I’m not even at Kappa but I have all the items found in raid in my stash, I have friends who are desperately looking for the pestily mask and other items, but they found multiple Ledx a raid so it was a personal mission.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/m9zlpx/ledx_update_96_raids_later/

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