Love Elite Dangerous for how learn able it is

I'm still a relative newbie to the game, but I always enjoyed how readily learn able the game is. It seems like there's a major learning cliff, but if you tackle each aspect of the game one at a time, it's really not that bad. When I first started, interdictions seemed impossible. But after practicing a few times I nail it. Same with self docking, or combat, or more recently for me, core mining. The latter was super stressful because of the 2 minutes timer and figuring out strength of explosives. But after 3 core mining tries, I'm much more smooth about getting the explosions down to an optimal level, not to mention identifying the rocks to explode.

That said I do wish there were more training simulations for these specific tasks. I recall first trying the navigation training 4-5 times because the flight style in ED is so distinctive from other games. Wish there were more advanced combat Sims as well as trading and mining Sims.

It sucks to have to go to YouTube to learn about core mining or sub surface mining, or Google to find out how to land on a planet and recall your ship (also would be cool to have a sim)


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