Make self poison more used in SY

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After seeing all the talk about LP and how broken it can be with certain cards (Drill, Safecraker, and clever) I thought I'd try to give self poison a try again and honestly, I wished there could be a leader ability to support it better. Cause I feel that could strengthen that archetype even more and people might try can use it more. At least then you might use more then half of the SY leader abilities. As I only see LP, Off the Books, and rarely Hidden Cache.

The leader could be: Poison an ally unit. Charge: 2
When ever a ally unit is poisoned gain 1 Coin

That way you can poison a unit easier and are able to gain coins that the same time. Plus the 2 charge is not to over powered and you have to think about when you poison.

Though to have this one leader ability you would have to remove another to take it's place. As I looked at each leader ability and I can honestly say the one SY leader ability I've never seen in play is Pirate's Cove. As I feel it is the weakest out of the seven abilities and after at least a year of playing gwent I can say I dont remember a time I've seen this ability played.

Though this is my simple opinion lol. Let me know if this is a cool or interesting idea or any better ways to implement this idea into the game cause I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on it.


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