Mammuna vs Melusina, who is more busted?

Yennefer's Journey

This post is to discuss these two cards from the latest expansion.

Mammuna is too powerful for a 10 provision card that can play for almost 40 points with caranthir and even more if combined with idarran.

Yes, we understand the "It needs setup" argument. But we're playing loose with the word "Setup" here. Idarran is setup because he's an 6 for 8 that you put in your deck just for the purpose of gaining extra points through other means.

However playing good R1 cards like griffin and selfeater that are great value on their own do not qualify as "setup". They always trade very well for their provisions. you play them on any round and they don't qualify as bricks even when played from hand, especially selfeater .Selfeater is better than larva, that cannot be reset and basically a bronze koschey in a relicts deck.

Mammuna is capable of benefiting from not having sabbath and can create sabbath and benefit from that sabbath again. No reasonable amount of control can interrupt this pointslam.


Melusine on the other hand is a whole other level of broken due to devotion decks cannot deal with it except Yenvo. To be fair, for a 10 prov card, in this powercrept state of the game, it's not broken on it's own but because of the previous buff to sigdrifas trite from 9 Provs to 8 Provs, it has become a deal with it or lose card.

Bride of the sea is an 8 provison card that can play 8 provison gold card that can summon a skellige unit with no provision limit. Let that sink in. Yes, it does need leader commitment but it becomes the eist argument. Yes it's broken when combined with leader but the only reason you have that leader is to abuse this card.

People also forget that melusina is a double engine, that keeps gaining base strength(basically carryover for subsequent rounds) and also has and order ability equivalent to that of a 4 provision special. The worst part is, even if you some how killed it twice, and decided to ignore it in R3, it's refresh order ability is too easy to reach since it's doesn't need a crew of cultists, but only one., despite being a point slam card in r3 that can spawn and play a 4 prov card every turn with condition that is too easy to reach makes this card an absolute nightmare.

feel feel to add make your case as to which card is more busted, or if you feel they're not busted at all.


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