Many of us fully support trader limits. Share why.

Since gripes seem to get all the attention, I want to have a thread to discuss reasons in favor of trader limits. I think it could be improved–largely through properly done dynamic pricing which BSG has struggled with in the past. Here's a few pros:

Lore/setting: This is crucial to representing a scarcity economy, and it's a reminder that you are in a living world inhabited by other human players.

Gameplay: Dynamic availability of gear forces players to seek out substitutes and adapt tactics to what you have to work with. Your progression may change as your choices about what quests to pursue or how to play may depend on conditions.

Progression: This will likely slow down progression to end game, and have a sharper distribution of progression. It can feel frustrating individually but the game is more fun when the early stages are stretched out and less predictable.

Evolution of the Meta: Scarcity and substitution makes what you will encounter more unpredictable, and adds a dimension to "strategic" decisions around loadout choice and objectives, since there is not a stable "equilibrium" loadout and accompanying tactics you'll expect to encounter. This promotes a richer variety of circumstances you'll encounter and a continuous evolution of dominant meta.

Fun: Once you adjust your expectations, scarcity adds to the fun.

What do you all think? Why are global limits the right choice?


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