Maps having spawn slot limits instead of player limits.

I’d like to preface this by saying I am not anti squads or one of the people who thinks the game isn’t playable solo. I’ve been playing a lot of duos and trios the last two weeks but for months before that I played solo exclusively and loved it.

Like the title says I’m curious what the community thinks about instead of having player limits on maps instead setting a limit on how many spawns can be active. I’m not sure I’m for or against the idea it just popped in my head while playing. To me half the advantage in bringing in large squads is reducing the overall number of players on the map you are competing with for loot. If you get a lower pop interchange run with 10 to start you already make up a third of the map. You have a 3v7 versus a 1v10 if you are solo. What if you bring in a 5 man but there’s 2 more 5 mans a duo a trio and 5 solos? That’s a really extreme example but it’s more to spur discussion. I see a lot of posts complaining about how dead a map gets early how large squads are unfair because it’s safer and that kind of thing and thought this was an interesting train of thought.

If you would like to comment how the servers are shit and can’t handle the additional load you may take a number and get in line behind me.


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