Might have found a solution to hatchlings

Seeing so many posts about hatchlings and secure container multiple times a week. Today someone suggested making a timer for unlocking doors instead of nerving secure containers. Hell no. We've had suggestions for gear requirements to join a raid, well wouldn't work, just discard it in a bush.

So, what kinda bullshit could I offer that should be a good solution to hatchlings?? Well we've had about every suggestion possible but: lock the secure container to gear?? Yes I'm not joking, you want your container, bring gear like everyone else. So say a hatchling joins the raid, he has nothing on him, well he has a keybar in his secure container, so he can open some doors but all he has to stash items is his 4 pocket slots!! No useable container. If this hatchling finds at least a gun and rig he can use his container, if he discards either the container is now locked again, cannot be used. Every "normal" player will not be affected by that as he has a gun and rig. But mister hatchling is now gone. Backpack only? Nope, container remains locked. Only gun? Nope, no container…..

Tldr: lock container use behind gear requirements

This will need adjustment but it's a start.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dypkf5/might_have_found_a_solution_to_hatchlings/

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