What is up with the base xp distribution, or is it just me?

Looking for an honest answer here. Maybe this is just me.

Recently (for like the past half year or year) I have noticed more and more often that I do not get the high base xp games I used to. Ace tankers have become so much more rare, especially at tier 10 it is quite common to see noone over 1k base xp anymore.

Is it because the games are over so fast? The best games you tend to have are when your team dies around you, but then you also lose, cause you are being rofl stomped.

If your own team stomps, well then noone gets anything, because everyone is desperately hunting for that sweet damage, to at least not drop on the MOE.

So your only option to get high base xp games and subsequently Ace tankers is having one of those magical own team slightly worse than enemy and not rofl stomp games. Maybe that is why it is so rare.

But I also believe something about the xp distribution has been changed, and I think it started when they added that weird nonsense xp calculation in ranked a few seasons back, when the botlord Type5 with 1 shot of damage got more xp than you with your 4k dmg, but since you were not in the thick of things having people bounce on you or sling shells past you, you got nothing.

Like I just had this game in the T8 british light shitter. Was it spectacular? Nope. But how in the world is this only 1200 base xp? I did 2 shots of damage on other tier 8s. 3 on tier 9s. The rest of the damage is against the tier 10s! I got 3 kills, one being the bobject. All of the damage was spotted by myself, since I was the one spotting anyways. Okay, 2/3rd of the spotting was on tier 8s.

I had 3 shells left, like wtf more would the game like me to do? It is the worst possible matchmaking, where is my +2 bonus? In the meantime my same tier, all tier 8 match with 4 kills, 3400 damage and negligible spotting nets the same base xp, again all damage spotted by myself.

And then every once in a while you get those weird 1600-1900 base xp games that do not even feel that spectacular, but once you get past a certain point the base xp just explodes.

Almost feels to me like time alive is also counted, but this could be biased since the games that last long and where you stay alive till the end also tend to be the exceptionally good games.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ct9tsb/what_is_up_with_the_base_xp_distribution_or_is_it/

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