Mobs during general wandering around and raids

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

Okay. We all know that the mob spawn rate has increased somewhat, but is anyone else getting points of sheer absurdity?

I was at my home base (Eikthyr is the only boss I've bothered dropping right now) and was raided with grey dwarves.

I'm a vet at this game – been playing since launch and pushing 600 full hours, of course most of that pre-H&H.

So, in the raids before, they'd come a few at a time. This raid, I lost count at 12, and there were more after that. Not only that, after the event was over, which I barely survived in my baby gear, they didn't go away.

I was in the dark forest chopping pine for core wood and dark dwarves were spawning right beside me, along with greylings – up to 4 mixed together at a time. I watched them spawn right beside me.

I was in a tomb and in one room was a 1* skeleton archer, 5 skeletons of mixed variety, and a ghost.

And this goes on. I've been just utterly deluged with mob spawns. Even at home, trying to get a fence up, greylings are spawning 2-3 at a time every 30-50 seconds.

I've been pretty pleased by all the changes in H&H and rolled with the punches, but this is annoying. Getting overwhelmed when you're little is crazy, but I've survived. It's the constant interruptions to building that are driving me nuts.

I was on my previous toon (my original character who's max geared) on my old seed going through an uncharted mountain trying to find onions, and the wolf spawn rate is insane. Never used to see more than 2 here or there now and then, but I killed 12 in barely a minute.

I haven't been in the plains or swamp with my main yet, but I'm guessing it might be some of the same too.

Just curious if others are finding that the spawn rate seems nuts?


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