More pro’s as analysts in the future, please!

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

I watch a lot of football, and the pre/post and half-time segments are almost always filled with former players, most of whom played for prestigious clubs and/or were excellent players. This makes the value from that analysis SO much higher in my opinion.

Football is quite different to Dota, so it's not a 1-1 comparison. For one, Football is centuries old with lots and lots of retired legends who are willing to come on air, and there is lot of money to be made for them as well. I just wanted to say that Valve should continue this trend of getting Pros to come on as panel. Obviously, it's hard because A) you need someone who can actually articulate himself and talk in front of thousands of people, and B) it needs to be someone who either isn't competing or gets knocked out. These conditions are quite hard to meet, so I'm very surprised that we managed to get 4 amazing panel/draft members so far (Aui, Insania, Ceb, LoA).

I think Valve should definitely continue trying to get as many Pro players on the panel as they can. It makes the panels a lot more insightful, and let's be honest, a 6k "analyst" will never be able to match the knowledge an actual pro player can bring. Not hating on the other panelists, and I think they have their place, but I am a huge proponent of this move to more pro players on the panel. I hope they can get even more for next TI!


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