My experience in EFT

Hello everyone!

I've been playing this game a couple of weeks and it's been a steep learning curve, but really like the game. I would like to share my experience with you and tell you what I think about the game. It's a blast to start up a game, knowing it's not a battle royale. Survive. And surviving is one hell of job. This is something this game does extremely well. I love how you can build your weapons, the gameplay, the shootouts, it's all very fun. But this game has a lot of issues, that imo ruin the fun. I'll get right into it.

The last two runs have been frustrating:

The first run i thought i'd hide the first couple of minutes, got stuck in a steel door, couldn't get out and had to quit. Looked it up and this bug has been in the game for 3y+.

Second run, i forgot to take food and water. So i understood i had to hurry up and haul my ass to extraction. What happened? My battle hardened soldier dropped dead after 30 minutes of walking because he fatigued by hiking. If i was playing a 60+ lad with a heart condition i would understand, but this? I get that fatigue is a thing, as well as thirst, but this is too much. This isn't realism, it's just plain stupid game design.

Now i know these runs don't represent Tarkov very well, but i've been strolling the web a lot looking up content because I like this game so much. What I encountered are people complaining about a lot of different things, but not the lack of maps. What comes out next? Exactly: A new map. My conclusion is that the dev's don't have their priorities straight. The game is full of bugs, the sound is still f*cked, Scav's are dumb af, the fatigue system is just lame as it is, hackers, desync (people killing you while standing behind a wall), the close spawns at the beginning of a match, and i could probably go on and on. Even the details: you can't sell to ragman if there are mags in your equipment, removing in the shop doesn't work. You have to go back to character, then go back to ragman and only then can you sell that piece of armor/equipment. I understand that programming is really hard, but how much money has this game made in the last couple of years?

I'm not saying i encountered all of these things, but I can see by just playing this game it is far from finished. And instead of actually working on problems, they add a HUGE map. I'm not a pro, or a developer but i've been playing games my whole life. Adding new stuff while your game that is flawed af is a mistake. Add to that, that the dev's said they are tired and want to work on a new project + slow progress is worrisome. They seem like they are done with the game. They are stubborn, don't want to add other game modes or creative ways to play. Imagine clearing waves of scav's for some awesome weapon or other reward. What does i matter you can level that way. I mean hell, they were to lazy(?) to add women to the game, because "lore". Come on …

No offense, but this game is starting to have a Duke Nukem/Star Citizen like status in my book. This is my first wipe, so maybe I'm wrong, maybe not. All I know is that the devs got a lot of money but what actually drastically changed in the last 3 years? Man if things are hard, hire more people or hire someone that can lead a good team. This probably frustrates me the most: how can your game be so long in development and still be such a mess? And if something is screwed code wise or anything else: just be honest. At least the players then know certain features will never change.

I don't want to hate, i just want the best for this game and it's community. It's just that I don't see this game finished, ever.

I am very interested to hear opinions, especially from people that play this game a lot. Thanks for reading and have good day!


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