Newcomer – I need help with my joystick (extreme 3d pro)

Hi, I recently got Elite Dangerous in a sale and I'm interesting in starting the game with no experience of games like this. I tried it with keyboard & mouse, and my Steam Controller but I couldn't get the controls to work correctly, so I bought a joystick.


I got an "Extreme 3D pro" joystick since I was on a budget, and it initially didn't work with the game, but a custom binding I found online (lost the link) made it work, but I don't know how to reverse the flight controls, since I can't turn correctly as I would like.


I thought it be a simple toggle, but the options need to be fully customize and that's out of my experience range, and I need help understanding what I need to change since the control menu looks really complex.


What do I need to do to make the controls work correctly?


Or could you send me a decent custom binding for this joystick instead, hopefully with this change to make it easier on me.


Thanks for reading, I like to know if anyone can help me.


Also I recently found out that the Extreme 3D pro doesn't have enough buttons compared to a HOTAS, is it really that difficult to use the keyboard as well with it? I am also playing in VR, which makes this harder as well.


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