Nilfgaard’s new thinning toys

witcher triss merigold gwint

The new cards are very enjoyable so far, yet one card combo seems poorly balanced IMO.
For only 4+5 provisions, NG gets another thinning package that plays for 11 points. It works like this:

Blightmaker (4) summons mage assassin (2) who damages for 2 and activates his ability that summons a unit with 3 power. (=11 points in total, up to 2 can be mitigated by armor)

This is an obvious example of unhealthy power creep. The standard thinning package consists of 2 5p 4 power units. Sewer raiders, Mahakam Volunteers or even NGs own Impera brigades and hounds are prominent examples.

8 points for 2x 5p in one turn with an easy condition are the norm. Now we have 11 points in one turn for 4.5p. There is literally no reason not to run them and in the matches I played VS NG today most of my opponents just spammed thinning in round 1 and easily won the round, leaving them with almost nothing but golds for later.

In addition to that, NGs archetypes further profit from thinning in archetypes like Hyperthin (easier access to Tibor) and clog (stronger Kolgrim)

I suggest removing the part of Blightmakers ability that spawns the guardian, then the combo would only play for 8 points and would be in line with other thinning options. NG would still profit from the additional thinning options and summoning Agent 47 is pretty cool.

The image shows the current Blightmaker.


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