Ok ok hear me out

Black holes are cool, super interesting stellar bodies that I feel are a bit underwhelming in the game. I mean, like half or more of the playerbase have been fried by a white dwarf, which is significantly less dangerous than black holes. Yet I have seen numerous people flying up to the exclusion zone, and sometimes through the black hole, and the only ones who have even taken a bit of damage is one person taking heat damage from Sagittarius A* (there may be more but idk i haven’t seen them). So this is where my master plan comes into play.

First: I get that not ALL black holes have accretion disks, but NONE of them have any in elite. So, the first part would be to give the bigger black holes, or the black holes near other planetary or stellar bodies, or both accretion disks to add a bit more looks to already cool looking stellar bodies.

SECOND: Give a bit of risk to the black holes. I’m talking adding more gravitational pull, not making the exclusion zone arbitrary. Something like, once you pass a certain point near the black hole, the only way you can get out is by hyperspace jumping to another system. If you dont, BOOM spaghettified. This could also be more severe the bigger the black hole, making the smaller ones still relatively harmless.

THIRD: What about a risk/reward system like neutron stars or white dwarfs, except larger. There could be a system when you can fuel scoop the accretion disk, having a much higher risk of ship destruction if done wrong but a larger jump range boost if done right.

TLDR: Add accretion disks, more dangerous black holes, and new fuel scoop method.

Sorry if this has been thought of already, but what do you think about it?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/m3thwf/ok_ok_hear_me_out/

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