Okay, hear me out. Delay Streets and any other major releases

To start, Tarkov is my favorite game and I still believe it’s experience is unlike any other game out there. I also believe it has significant room to grow its player base and become a mainstay game in the community for a long, long time. I’ve played since first release and love it with all my heart.

The state of the game right now, is disappointing to say the least. Game-breaking small bugs are quickly adding up. (SCAV karma screw-ups, ridic insurance bugs, etc) and the elephant in the room continues to be the inability to address the blatant hacking in the game (I have been killed by non-EOD accounts with the word hacker in their name 6 out of my last 10 raids).

It’s time to right the ship and focus on getting the game back to a playable state. I appreciate the game for what it is, understanding it’s still a beta. But the issues being found are just quite frankly not being addressed in a timely manner, sometimes at all. I have zero issue with any major content updates getting delayed to fix the game to bring it back to a playable state. Honestly, at this point, I’ll just take some communication of “okay, we hear you guys are we’re working on fixes.” Quite frankly, it’s just all being ignored.

So I plead with you BSG, fix the game that we all love so dearly. We don’t want new content, we want a playable and enjoyable experience first and foremost. So many people I know have shelved this game until things get better and I’m trying real hard not to be one of them.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p706jl/okay_hear_me_out_delay_streets_and_any_other/

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