One thing that this game can really benefit from. Heat me out.

Daily and weekly quests that promote PVP.

Right now, there is little incentive to PVP in this game because its high risk and little reward. Its so much easier to just rat and rush loot spawns to make money. People suggest to increase dogtag value to promote pvp, but that will just promote team killing or queue sniping with your friend. Here is an example of what I suggest.


kill 10 pmcs with ak variants = 500k roubles

Kill 10 pmcs with 556 variants = 500k

Kill 20 pmcs while wearing class 5 or 6 armor = 1mil

Kill 4 pmcs in a single raid = 1 mil

Etc etc


Kill 50 pmcs = 1 mill

Kill 25 pmcs > lvl 40 = 1 mill

This might have some adverse consequences to the economy but it can always be adjusted. Maybe instead of rubles, you could award armor, or a random rare item like a pestily mask or bitcoins.


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