Only issue I’ve had with .12

I'm loving this patch and I know that dynamic loot spawns can fix this problem. But its just a gripe I have right now.

The maps feel dead after the 15 minute mark. There is still no reason to stay in a raid outside of doing your task and checking viable loot spawns.

The most notable is on interchange. The raid is dead after 3-5 minutes. Everyone that's anyone spawns and rushes oli tech stores and computers. Checks for killa, then leaves.

I have a feeling that most raids are populated mostly by player scavs and that's the only reason any raid timer will ever reach 0. I honestly wish they would bring back the old 1hr scav timer. At least when it was like that you didnt see 8 player scavs a raid.

I'm still hoping for a system in place to have more things happen later into a raid. Whether it be better loot spawning, tasks that can only be completed late into a raid, or small objectives that only appear once you are at the 10 minute mark. Or even extracts opening after a certain time.

I know this sounds extreme. But I still think llate raid is a good time and more people need to experience it. It's sad to see the game becoming more and more meta. Xp farming, scav spawn exploiting, throwing 20 grenades just to level strength, Building the same guns because they have the lowest recoil. I just want this game to be a great hardcore shooter for everyone and not just another shooter.

Anyways these are just my opinions and maybe someone has the same. Idk!.


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