Opinions on using an Asp Scout for exploration.

Now obviously there are more optimized choices for cheaper, but I have enough money currently that buying a Scout and outfitting it isn’t the issue. And I’ve flown enough that how something feels to fly is more important then it’s stats or internal layout.

Now to preface, I love the Krait 3000. The ship I’m currently sitting in about 5k from the bubble. It’s fairly fun to fly for a medium ship, has ample internal room, A fighter bay, and an excellent cockpit. All the while looking fresh as F doing it. But I’ve an interest in the Asp Scout. Ive heard that it’s very maneuverable, if slightly on the slow side(but speed isn’t so important for exploring). It has the classic bubble canopy of the Asp so an excellent cockpit. But the internals/gameplay versus cost isn’t there. But as said, that’s not an issue for me with a ship this cheap.

So far on Coriolis the two seem about evenly matched with what I have unlocked. So is it fun to fly? Or do the negatives outweight the positives? I know it has a pretty bad reputation in ED.

Krait MK2

Asp Scout

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p35hjc/opinions_on_using_an_asp_scout_for_exploration/

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