Picking Rubick is guaranteed 10k behavior score 100%. Even if you lose 20 matches in a row.

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I was 7k behavior for basically 6 months. I've climbed to 10k by just playing Rubick when we:

1) Have no support

2) Have 4 supports

3) Have no Carry

4) Have 4 Carries

5) Lose draft phase

6) 2 guys random and heroes have a high learning curve.

7) 2 guys fight for mid

8) 2 junglers

Why Rubick? Let me explain..

Basically when the team is losing everybody starts pointing fingers and everyone just pings over the other guys ult that is ready during teamfights. When you play Rubick no one ever points at you!

So the tactic is this:

  1. Pick Rubick
  2. Get the free wards
  3. Start playing normally

Now then here is the trick. And it depends on the situation.

Situation A: If the team plays well. Keep playing the good ol' Rubick support normally with wards and occasionally sentries. If you win you win but with minimal effort.

Situation B: If the team starts getting their butts kicked. Just go on teamfights and steal a random spell and die.

Going 0-15 as Rubick is 100% legit and no one will say anything to you as long as you keep your month shut in game. No one will ping what Ult you didnt do because well no one will see what spell you stole because it wont show if Rubick is dead.

I've just played a month now and even though my Rubick games are all 0-10, 0-15, 1-16, 1-20. No one ever said shit. Even though someone MIGHT actually flame you it TOTALLY FINE hes just one guy out of 50 games.

Now I've tried carrying a 4 stack support and all I got was flame and shit if I lose. I've tried other supports like Dazzle and Omni and ppl just ping on shit like Shallow grave ready…GA ready. It's not quite the same as Rubick. Rubick can get away with it easily.

Within a months time you will raise your behavior score like me and I'm probably the worst Rubick player.

Last advice:

  • Dont get the Rubick Arcana. People will sometimes think your a pro or throw some shit like "Sell your Arcana plz"

  • Dont last pick if your team picks 4 supports! Try picking him before. People expect a carry last pick and will flame you sometimes.

  • Keep your mouth absolutely shut the whole game. Dont even say gg.

  • Dont feed obviously. Trying dying by pinging you have a ward but you know the enemy is there.

  • Save your energy for the next game. Mute your game or keep your headphones down. Dont over do anything in the game and play relaxed and relax your muscles. Remember, this game is gone and you are saving your strength for the next one.

  • If the other team as a LC or Slark try to just barge into them in team fights so they can get the damage bonus and snowball so the game ends quickly.

  • Dont try hard. You need minimum effort and comeback vs megas can take a lot from you.

Remember all of this is just when the lanes are getting destroyed. You play your Good ol' Rubick normally, you might be wrong in predicting the game will end in a loss. Sometimes your mid will destroy mid and destroy all lanes…so have some hope that it might happen.

Now GOD FORBID someone picks Rubick before you….what do you do?

  1. You ask him to swap.

  2. You random then always ask others to swap with you. If they did just tell them you are not that great with the other hero too.

  3. You Random.

  4. You pick the second closest option to Rubick which is Leshraq support. Just toggle on your ult and spells and just barge in. If you die you die as Drago always said.

Just my 2 cents. Peace and love to you all.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/lwz0og/picking_rubick_is_guaranteed_10k_behavior_score/

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