PMC Rats on Shoreline

While I play EFT, I like to scav on shoreline a lot, get some money, meet some friendly scav buddies, have a chill time. The one thing that annoys me more than anything though is PMCs still being in the map with less than 15 minutes left in the raid. I get if you’ve been as resorted fighting the whole lobby and are now plodding to an extract weighing 100KG but running around as a PMC basically being a scav feels like such a waste of time. It’s so ratty and annoying, I wanna find some useful stuff to sell and leave the scav raid without being picked off by some ratty PMC who was too scared to fight other geared PMCs

Anyway, I just hate ratty PMCs who wait until near the end of the raid to actually loot things and run around the map, it ruins the scav vibe, thinking that you’ll only run into other scav plays because there’s only 13 minutes left in the raid on a 50 minute map!

Oh well, ratty PMCs who only kill scavs are annoying, bye.


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