Postal Service in Elite Dangerous:

Because Elite Dangerous has a comprehensive Travel model around the galaxy, there can be a player-run Postal System in place.

Ships are the fastest thing in ED. Internet, automatic delivery of data doesn't make sense in ED. First, they travel at the speed of light,

they can only function if things are a couple of light hours away. So it doesn't even work well in our solar system. The distance from the Sun to Kuiper Cliff is around 50AU, which translates to 6.9258 Light Hours. if you can ignore the data delivery lags maybe there can be a sort of internet.

But we have to remember that if there's a way to travel faster, there will be a delivery system based on that speed. But if you need something urgent, you will hire a commander to deliver it to the destination in mere seconds or minutes as they can traverse the distances in low wake speed.

As ships are the fastest things in ED, a comprehensive Postal service can be built around that. But it would be more fun if this system can be run by players.

These organizations will collect data delivery requests in each station in volume. Then they will collectively decide through a "Clearing House" how the deliveries can be optimized so that they can turn a profit from the "Postal Fees".

To allow that, ED needs a more comprehensive Guild/Organization structure. With roles and responsibilities.

As there can be and should be multiple competing Postal Services, the whole thing needs to be standardized through in-game tools.


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