*Raises mug of mead*: “To Replayability!”

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

I just want to publicly proclaim my highest accolades for this amazing games. Couple hundred hours into it so far. I dabbled a bit in Minecraft back in the day but never really got into the survival game genre.

This game changed it all. I’m on my fourth play through now. If nothing else, this game is definitely worth every penny for the entertainment and replayability factor. There’s so much to do for any play style, with a great mod community supporting and extending the game as well (and upgrading the textures!)

My first play through was mostly vanilla. Just a couple of QoL mods like Quickstack, V+ (inventory and chest size), Craft from Containers, etc.

My next play through was multiplayer, on a dedicated server that a few friends joined in for. Definitely a different feel to the game when you’re collaborating to progress. Boss fights and fuling camp raids are a new treat when you’re not trying to do everything yourself (less bow kiting!)

My next play through added in a bunch more QoL mods and a new adventure “mode” through stuff like Valheim Legends (for “classes”), Epic Loot, Creature Level Control, and a customized config file for that mod which brought monsters up to 10 stars. Whole new game feel!

Then I went seed hunting for a nice spot to do a creative mode relaxing build. Took me back to my Minecraft venture many years ago. Just fly around and make some wild and wacky bases. Mmm.

I just started another play through, using a different Legends class (Shaman before, Enchanter now), Terraheim, and the “Solo Do or Die” config for CLLC mod.

I have a high stress job and this game has given me the perfect outlook to decompress at night. It’s the best mental health therapy I could have asked for right now at this point in my life.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n5u0hj/raises_mug_of_mead_to_replayability/

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