Rant: Among us newbie

Got the game because I saw so much about it on reddit.
Played about 5 games that were very fun in their own way. Once I sort of got the hang of how the game operated I had one game where I went over to the engine room and peeked a yellow, who promptly disappeared over a vent. I ran away and slammed the button, reported it and he got ejected. I was wrong, he wasn't an imposter. Presumably what I saw was a lag spike.

I admitted blame so the team didn't kick me out. Of course as more people died I was still the most sus so I assume that's why the imposters didn't kill me. I eventually got kicked, and did feel bad about the false accusation.

Of course when I died, the flaming started. I threw the game, I'm a stupid pos, blah blah. Damn guys, its a 5 minute game. It's fun and cute and simple. But the people's level of rage in this game? I'm getting to old for that type of stuff. Community needs to get its shit together.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jjwlqa/rant_among_us_newbie/

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