Reached PRO rank today, couple of thoughts

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Hey guys.

Took me 15 days but I finally hit PRO rank today with a score of 135/65/3

Please let me say a couple of thoughts and things that feel good and also a couple of things that worries me a lot.

If you find something wrong with this text, let me know down in the comments.

FFA Gwent is the most beautiful card game I have ever played. I love all the cards, heroes, and boards. When I look back to old W3 Gwent, BETA, or even Hearthstone or Runeterra, This is the game, that feels like 2021. The Reward System is pretty generous and battle pass rewards are also pretty nice. The game runs smooth not only on my PC, but also on my 2 years old Phone. I love, that playing on the ladder is a challenge and it is not that easy like hitting Legend in HS. Syndicate is a nice addition to game factions and even if some cards are pretty powerful, it brought me joy trying something new. I am sure that I can find many more positive things but let's look at some negatives.

I always said that Gwent is not friendly to new players because of keywords. Where Hearthstone has like 10 pretty easy to understand, Gwent is full of texts and during many games, I have found myself looking at those texts trying to understand what this card does. The next thing is waiting times, I was streaming a couple of days ago and I realized, that sometimes I was talking with my chat more than two minutes before the game was found. This happened to me in the evenings 9 – 11 PM. During the day, I usually find games in less than a minute. And last thing, More than 50 percent of my games were against NG. Mill and Hyperthin. I remember, that Gwent was always great, because every faction had like 2-3 archetypes that countered each other. But now I think I encountered like 5 Skellige decks, 10 NR decks, and a couple of Syndicate with Scoiatel. All others were NG and Monsters. When did this happen?

Anyway. I see all those reasons, why Gwent even that looks great is not the most popular game out there, but I love and I am happy to be back.


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