Really want people to play with. Please help!!

So first off I’ve tried the discord and several different clans and I haven’t been able to mesh with any of them. Nothing against those people it’s just how it goes sometimes. I also think I’m slightly to blame. I really struggle with talking to new people in general. Text chat is fine but when it comes to speaking I tend to freeze up a lot. I can usually manage quick callouts but even then in a game where communication is everything I understand that’s not enough. I tried getting some of my IRL friends into the game but they didn’t like how “nit picky” the game was and how much they had to manage stuff. I’ve been playing solo which is also really fun from time to time…..but I still enjoy doing group raids more even if I’m technically not the best teammate. I do my best to help out in every other way though. Yeah anyway if ummm any of you don’t mind teaming up with me I’d really appreciate it!! Good luck out there!

Edit 1: Wow that was quick thanks! Also I play on the NA servers.


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