Recoil is out of whack – MP5K edition. It needs to snap back on target sooner than a glock17.

Recoil is out of whack – MP5K edition

This is not about full-auto recoil, that is for another time. This topic is about how the MP5K has a very subtle but important problem with recoil.

Please observe this imgur album:

It has MP5K and Glock17 firing as fast as I can. I fire the next shot when the sight picture is back on the point I aimed when I fired.

  • Notice how the MP5K needs longer to get back onto target. The recoil is lower, however the gun drifts back down slower than the glock, which snaps right back.

This makes no sense. The MP5K is 2.2 kilo brick of a gun compared to the 0.7kg of a glock. Three times the weight, and the same ammo. The recoil impulse of the bullet has to fight against much more inertia to move the MP5K. On large guns that kick the shooter around like the SA-58 the slow drift back makes sense. But not on a 9mm.

It should feel snappy and crisp, like the glock, but with a lower vertical kick.

So could we change this so the MP5k snaps back instead of slow-drifting back onto target?

Because it can not perform its role as an SMG. It currently is a harder to shoot glock, that is 3x heavier than a glock while not fitting into a pistol slot.

"But the MP5K has no stock." what some might object. Well, a glock has no stock either. And the elbow of the shooter is stretched out to compensate for the lack of a stock, and as I said above, the mass of the MP5k makes it physically impossible for it to have more recoil than the glock.


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