Will I ever be able to walk around my own ship or my own g’d Fleet Carrier?

Will I ever be able to walk around my own ship or my own g'd Fleet Carrier?

On the laundry list of complaints I have about ED: Odyssey, there is one that stands out because of how incredibly simple it could have been to add to the game. Why can't I get up out of my chair in my ship and walk around? While docked, auto docking, super cruise assist, during this time I should be able to walk around and do some simple things on my ship. Also I should be able to have this experience on my fleet carrier. You're telling me that you can create areas for settlements and stations to walk around on foot, (which are generic and repetitive), but you can't do this for any of the ships? If I own a fleet carrier I can't walk around on it? I can't invite my friends to dock on my carrier and join me for refreshments down under the decks? It would make it incredibly fun to do any of these things but it seems this has been completely overlooked.

I hope this is planned for the future, if it is I didn't see the news anywhere.

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