Regarding the backpack changes.

I welcome the change with open arms.

If you have no space in your inventory this is your problem for having gear fear and not selling more to make space.

It was a NECESSARY change…game is in BETA (yes I said the forbidden f-ing what…sue me!) changes like this will be MORE COMMON. And MORE stealth changes WILL happen. So just DEAL WITH IT like everyone else, or DON'T PLAY!

And if you don't like the changes, go to an RMT forum and blame them for it…not BSG.

The only real way to fight cheaters is by incorporating ways to combat it in the actual game design… something that Tarkov was lacking for way too long…now that they're finally making these changes, we should be happy for it.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk and feel free to copy paste the relevant parts of this post to send to anyone complaining about not being able to equip multiple backpacks on your PMC anymore.

For those who disagree with this change, the door is that way.


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