Reserve MilBase Rooms locked with keys are WORTHLESS.


The keys are around 500K-1M Roubles and inside there's NOTHING. And when I say nothing, is NOTHING. I dunno if the rooms are bugged, but paying 1M for rooms with 4 "gun racks" that they don't even spawn a gun, and if it spawn, spawns a simple AK.. It's just worthless.. The Generator room, 1MILLON for 2 tool containers, and of 15 times I got in, only 1 time spawned a tank battery (200.000 roubles and it takes 12 spaces from your bag, ridiculous) All director keys, all have a LITTLE, SO LITTLE spawn of intelligency.. yes, they have drawers to serch, but for chocolate..

I think this needs a fix, I have almost all keys and I never got something good. Almost all the good loot is not "key-dependant", its just on the ground.

I don't know if this is just me, but I have like 10M in keys from Reserve and I don't think that they worth more than 300K a piece, even less..


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