SEA Bottom of the trench, some of these guys know how to play!

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If you spend time watching videos, trying to figure out how to improve, there's heaps of recommendations of heroes, play styles, farm optimisations, positioning, and itemisation. Even for average to poor players, the Herald rank is often derided as the bottom of the trench, the laughing stock, with people who have no clue how to play.

That's often true, playing games as a position 1 with your position 5 competing for last hits, pushing lanes, blocking camps, etc. but more often than not in SEA/Aus, some of these bottom of the trenchers, like me, have been stuck in a rut of stomps.

Picking a carry hero at this level is so much of a roll of the dice, rarely do you get support that can optimise farm, create space, etc. Say you pick a PA, for example, the expectation is that you'll just slaughter all from level 3 onwards. They think as soon as you have battle fury, you'll free farm the entire game. Reality? In the last 3 games I played the team grouped up as 4 and just stomped us inside 30 minutes.

Even playing as a support and warding good areas doesn't save teammates from doing stupid things, tower diving at level 5, going for last hits on heroes and baiting out a group fight, or just straight up charging hg without vision.

I've been focusing on farm optimisation as a pos 1, and I normally out farm my opposition carries, but I rarely have enough space created to farm effectively. I've started jumping in the opposite jungle when I can and farming backwards. This is why I pick atypical heroes in the safe lane to create space, such as Kunkka, because my support is too busy scratching their bum and looking up YT videos.

Not sure if NA/EU Herald level games are a laugh a minute, but will say that for the most part with Aus Herald games, there's quite a few decent players trapped in limbo because their team drafts poorly and gets absolutely stomped.

There's nothing more frustrating than picking 4 cores with no lockdown, disable or stun and getting beaten by ogre, aa, lion, pugna and cent.


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