Seeing how important engineering will be in Odyssey makes me want to refund the base game

Of course I'm exaggerating here a bit, I own this game far too long for a refund. But it definitely makes me thinking if I really want to buy Odyssey.

For me engineering represents the worst part of the game, endless boring grind. You grind to unlock the enginieers, you grind to rank up with them and the worst part, you grind for (often) random material drops.

Yes, I know I can exchange them. It's the only part of it that makes it doable.

And so far engineering is part of everything we have seen. SRVs*, Suits and especially Weapons. (I don't know if there is anything about utilities but they probably too).

If you follow the news a bit, you know that we have to build new weapon attachments everytime we need a new one because once they are applied we can't take them off. It's a stupid system for many reasons and I have to admit it already frustrates me a bit to even think about it.

And of course there are new enginieers, new materials and if i remember correctly, a new currency.

At the end of the day only the alpha will show how things really are.

*Edit: there is no SRV enginieering I got that wrong


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