Self-restrictions for enjoyment

Several days ago, I accidentally bumped into CMDR Isinona's Youtube contents again and have been thinking about how to make ED enjoyable.

For example, Isinona has his/her own rule of "zero insurance claim". So, whenever a lost of a ship, then Isinona goes back to a free sidewinder without rebuying the previous ship.

After I got a Fleet carrier and became free from worrying about credits (My balance is always billions…and I feel bored), I thought I might give it a try to restrict myself into some rules.

For example,

  1. Only one ship per a month. (April=I.courier, May=Adder)
  2. FA off all the time (I'm practicing this and it's like a totally new game)
  3. Pick a minor faction and support its expansion (BGS)
  4. Smuggling? (Haven't done this)

Has anyone tried this? Do you have any recommendation for my boredom sitting on billions of credits?


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