Sick to death of Geralt: Yrden, How can it be reworked?

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So of the 6 or 7 matches I've played today, 3 have been unfairly lost due to this blatantly OP card. What is the point of boosting anything if an opponent can play it as their final card and win over 50% of matches against any deck where boosting is it's only viable tactic ? It adds insult to injury when someone playing a Thrive deck then uses it as their final card,to me this is the most brain-dead deck to play and then throwing that in at the end is 80% of the time a guaranteed win unless you're playing someone else willing to do it back. I have no idea how it's lasted so long without a rework with the constant complaints about it. IMO it needs either a power boost to say 5 and then a one turn counter or order. If your opponent plays a "give zeal" card as their second to last you know what to expect at least. At this point I want them to add a working card Karma system so all the Geralt Yrden mains can all play against each other and waste each others time.


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