Sorry if this is a stupid question but has the pre order been confirmed as to what it actually is?

My assumption is that paying the way to high in my opinion price will just unlock the beta option in the launcher and let us play around for a bit while we wait for the actual full release like normal and the saves will be completely separate, however….

It's reffered to early access constantly this time for some reason. Will there be carry over between saves this time? Or is FDEV just doing the normal thing where they trick us into paying to be thier beta testers again like usual lol.

Or if it is just that.. do people actually get anything like a ship skin in the normal game or anything like that or are people really just paying that much for something that will be pointless like it never happened on official release day?

Sorry if this has been asked a bunch I'm just having issues finding conformation all be it I'm sneaking around on my phone at work lol.


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